Zvartnots Cathedral

One of the masterpieces of the Armenian architecture, Zvartnots Cathedral, was founded in the VII century in the place where the Armenian King Tiridates III and Gregory the Illuminator met. The cathedral was called Zvartnots, which is translated from the ancient Armenian as “the Temple of Vigilant Angels.” Due to its impressive size and unique design, the temple became an architectural miracle, and many legends were told about it. It is said that during the dedication of the temple in 652 the Byzantine Emperor Costas II was so much impressed by its design and scale that he decided to hire an architect to build a similar church in Constantinople. But the architect got sick and died on the way. Though the cathedral has not been fully reconstructed till now, it attracts numerous visitors. In 2000, Zvartnots was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Ramps are available on the right side of Monastery ruins (next to Toros Toromanyan monument) and at museum entrance. This allows easy access to the premises of Zvartnots complex including museum.