Yerevan Vernissage

The Vernissage is a unique place where all the diversity of the Armenian applied arts is presented. Vernissage appeared as an exhibition-sale of paintings in Martiros Saryan garden in the 1980s. The exhibition soon enlarged, and many artists and craftsmen moved to a new place near the park next to the Republic Square. Here you can find paintings and carved wood, traditional carpets, jewelry, cross-stones (khachkars) made from tuff, musical instruments, all kinds of souvenirs, old collections of coins and medallions, books. It’s impossible to leave Vernissage without buying something as a souvenir.


Vernissage is a unique place in the town where, due to the wide and straight passages, you can easily pass through market shopping rows. The variety of products fascinate by artistic solutions and ornaments combined with taste implemented by skilled masters, those are so characteristic for flea markets.