The memorial complex Tsitsernakaberd, also known as the Swallow's Fortress, is located on the hill of the same name and is dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The legend has it that there used to be many swallows here that helped the pagan god Vahagn and goddess Astghik to send letters to each other. The complex was built in 1967 by the architect Arthur Tarkhanyan. Every year, on April 24 – Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day – thousands of people climb the hill to the memorial complex and lay flowers to the eternal flame. The memorial consists of three main monuments: the Memorial Wall, the Sanctuary of Eternity (Memorial Hall and Eternal Flame) and the Memorial Column “The Reborn Armenia.” In the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, which is located here, you can learn about the events of 1915.