Khoren Der-Harootian Art Gallery

There is an art gallery functioning in the former Etchmiadzin Cinema building, where exhibited are the works of the Armenian-American sculptor and painter Khoren Der-Harootian. When the artist first came to Armenia in 1970, he was already well known in the West. By that time, he had a number of personal exhibitions around the world – the USA, Jamaica, England, Scotland, Italy, France. Besides, he exhibited alongside the world-famous sculptors and artists such as Maillol, Despiau, Picasso, Gabo, Lipchitz. In 1971, he opened his personal exhibition in the Artists’ House in Yerevan, which made him popular in Armenia as well. Later in 1983, Der-Harootian donated over 200 works to Armenia – sculptures, drawings and paintings, which he created during his residence in Jamaica. The works are exhibited in the gallery named after the artist.


The main hall, where the main exposition of the museum is presented, can be freely visited. However, the second hall, which is a small room, cannot be visited alone as it is necessary to go up three steps.