Shoghakat Church

Surb Shoghakat Church (1694) is one of the architectural structures of the Etchmiadzin complex of Saint Etchmiadzin. The church is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The church construction is connected with the tragic story that happened to the Christian Virgins who moved from Rome to Armenia to escape the emperor's persecution. However, in pagan Armenia, they found only a painful death. After adoption of Christianity in pagan Armenia, chapels were built on the tombs of the remains of the tortured virgins. These chapels were later rebuilt as churches of "Hripsime"," Gayane "and "Shoghakat". The third nun's name was Mariana, but the church has been called Shoghakat because it was in this place that a ray of divine light descended from heaven on the Christian Virgins. Translated from Armenian: “shoh” - ray, “katel” - “drip, descend”.


At the main entrance there is one 20-cm stair up and another stair is inside the church. You may use the side entrance instead, where you will find one 8-cm stair up. Consider visiting the church with a friend or helper.