At an altitude of 1900 meters, on the slopes of Geghama Mountains, rests the largest freshwater lake in the region – Lake Sevan. In ancient times, it was called Geghamatsov (the Sea of Geghama). It was right there where the only naval battle on the territory of Armenia took place: King Ashot II Yerkat (Ashot the Iron) of Armenia won the war against the Arab troops and restored independence of Armenia.

In the heat of summer with the opening of the beach season, Sevan becomes one of the most popular touristic destinations in the country. This one of the most beautiful corners of Armenia, is attractive for not only swimming and sun tanning, but for all kinds of rock and jazz festivals organized here. Do not miss a chance to take a tour on the lake by “Cilicia” sailboat – one of the greatest entertainments in Sevan! The boat, by the way, is an exact wooden replica of medieval merchant ships used in the times of the Kingdom of Cilicia (11th-16th centuries). In 2004-2005, “Cilicia” accomplished a voyage sailing around Europe.  

There is a medieval church, Sevanavank, towering on the peninsula of Sevan. A seminary operates here. 

A unique species of trout, known as “ishkhan”, inhabits the lake. You can try in a variety of dishes served at local restaurants. Moreover, Sevan is famous for its crawfish used in a number of interesting gastronomic solutions such as kebab, kyufta and even smoked beer snacks.