Martiros Saryan House-Museum

The house-museum of the great Armenian artist of the 20th century was built in Yerevan by a special order of the Government, and was officially opened on November 26, 1967 – during the Master’s lifetime. The artist lived and worked in this mansion in 1932-1972.

The art fund of the museum was based on Saryan’s 50 works donated to the museum by himself, but later the collection was replenished. Today, the permanent museum exposition, consisting of over 300 works displayed in chronological order, occupies three floors of the mansion. It represents all periods and genres of the artist’s creative life – including his first drawings at the age of 16 and the works he created in the last months of his life. Famous works from the private collection of the Saryan family are also presented here. The artist’s studio is open for the visitors as well.


The Museum is fully accessible for people with mobility impairments using wheelchair.  The building has been equipped with special elevators and a special toilet room after the reconstruction.