One can reach the monastery and village of Sanahin on foot from the nearest Alaverdi town by walking the bridge across the Debed River built yet in the 12th century. The number of the monastery monks reached five hundred, and the extensive land provided an enviable wealth. There were a prestigious seminary operating in the monastery and a book depository, which was the largest in the country. In 1996, both Sanahin and Haghpat were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The two complexes have much in common: they are closely located and they were built with a difference of several decades. According to the legend, one of the apprentices – after having an argument with the master who built Sanahin – left the monastery and started building a new complex nearby. When the construction works were completed, he invited the master and asked his opinion. “Hagh pat”, said the master, noting that, unlike Sanahin, the walls of the new monastery were built of hewn stone. Haghpat (hewn stone) anchored as the name of the monastery. The first monastery, in its turn, was named Sanahin – meaning “it’s older than the other one”. The village of Sanahin also houses a museum of two famous Armenian brothers – a renowned aircraft designer Artem Mikoyan and an influential political leader Anastas Mikoyan. Personal belongings of the Mikoyan family are displayed in the museum including the official car of Anastas. However, the most impressive exhibit is perhaps the real MiG fighter, displayed in front of the museum building, which is the most famous Artem’s creation.