Makaravank Monastery

Along with the very famous and advertised historical monuments in Armenia, there are places undeservedly deprived of the attention of the tourist community. One of these monuments of Armenian architecture is the Makaravank monastery complex (X-XIII centuries), located high in the mountains, near the village of Achajur, Tavush region.

Makaravank itself is a complex with 3 churches, a vestibule, a chapel and other buildings, which are in a more or less preserved condition. The churches are built of dark pink andesite and red tuff, and the annexes are made of greenish stones. The buildings are unusually picturesque; the rich carved decor deserves special attention. Near the road, at the gate, you can drink the cold spring water that has flowed through old clay pipes for centuries. The last time the monastery complex has been partially renovated in the 80s of the last century.


The monastery complex is accessible only partially, and it is recommended to visit with an accompanying person. However, some of the monastery structures are accessible for alone visits.