Ijevan Dendropark

The Ijevan Dendropark was founded in 1962 by Ludwig Sayadyan. The park is located in Ijevan town on the right bank of the Aghstev River. The park contains over 650 different varieties of plants and trees and many have been transported from various parts of the world.  Ijevan’s subtropical and semi-arid climate allows the plants that were transported there to flourish. You’ll find everything from evergreens, firs, and walnut trees. The richness of the local flora is striking in its beauty and at different times of the year has its own characteristics and unique charm. This is the place where you can temporarily escape from the daily bustle of the city and have a great time with the whole family in nature.


Convenient, well-groomed paths make the Ijevan Dendropark quite accessible for people using wheelchair.