Hovhannavank monastery stands on the edge of the Kasakh River canyon. Visitors can admire a magnificent view from here. The Hovhannavank monastery complex with a picturesque location not far from a cliff has a stunning view of the Kasakh gorge. The monastery was established by the first Catholicos of Armenia Gregory the Illuminator. The oldest surviving building of the complex is the Surb Karapet Basilica, built in the 5th century. On the north side, the ruins of an older church from the 4th century are visible. Most probably, the pagan sanctuary was previously present here. The basilica was rebuilt in 554 when the wooden roof was replaced with a stone one. However, in the 17-18 centuries the building was completely restored. The main church of the complex was built by prince Vache Vachutyan in 1216-1221. Hovhannavank used to be a cultural and educational center. Dozens of painters and scribes worked in the monastery to copy ancient manuscripts.


The premises of the Monastery are accessible. However, there is one stair up at the vestibule entrance and two stairs at the church entrance. To enter, you will need a helping hand or ramp.