Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life of Gyumri

This museum is better known as Dzitoghtsyan House-Museum named after the house owner – a rich merchant. And this is not by chance. Built in 1872, the house is remarkable by itself, as well as by its owner, who is invisibly present in the house to this day. In the Soviet times, more than 20 families lived in it, and only in 1984, the building was assigned to a museum use. It is divided into two parts located on both sides of the garden. The furniture in the first part of the house has been unchanged since the times of Dzitoghtsyans – there is a piano brought from Italy, items purchased in Russia and Europe, unique hand-made Gyumri carpets. Photographs of famous Gyumri residents (Gyumretsi) and not only cover the walls. A sort of live picture of old Alexandropol with its residents, city guests and household essentials. There are many photographs of old Gyumri of the 19th century in the second part of the house, as well as the layout map of the city of those times, when the name of the city was still Russianized.