Dashtadem Fortress

Dashtadem Fortress, which is also known as Qagheni Fortress, is situated in Aragatsotn Province. During the Arab invasions some inhabitants from Qaghin settlement moved to Dashtadem village in Talin region and named the semi-ruined fortress of Talin “Qaghin”. Unlike other Medieval fortresses, it did not have natural protection in the form of hard-to-reach rocks or cliffs, and relied only on the fortified walls which surrounded it from all four sides. No written information has remained from the period when it was built. Research shows that the first buildings were constructed in the Urartian period, and the others date back from early Middle Ages up to 19th century.


You will be able to independently enter and move around within premises of the Fortress. However, there is no access to the Citadel.