Saint Gevorg Church in Artik

Artik is one of the most ancient and famous settlements in Armenia, which is evidenced by the many monuments preserved in its area, which were unique in the medieval architecture of Armenia. Also, near the town of Artik, there are large reserves of volcanic tuff. Interestingly, all the buildings in the city are mostly made of this stone. One of these structures is St. George's Church. It is not known exactly when this church was built but most likely it dates back to the middle of the VII century by the analysis of architectural and construction styles. On the east side of St. George Church, there is a small church of Marine or Surb Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God). The time of construction of this church is also unknown. Both churches are half-ruined, but even the remaining allow appreciating the previous beauty and grandeur of these architectural structures. 


It is possible to drive to the ruins of the church, and the wide paths around the temple allow to explore this architectural structure.