The 7th-century Amberd Fortress rests atop a picturesque gorge at the confluence of mountain rivers Arkashen and Amberd. A system of underground passages, some of which can still be found, takes you down to the gorge. The existence of secret tunnels is not accidental here, as Amberd was once exposed to frequent invasions. In the 11th century, it was captured by Seljuk Turks for the first time in its history, and several centuries later, it was almost completely destroyed by Mongols.

The greater part of the outer wall is well-preserved, while the destroyed part is covered with soil. There is a path that leads up a small hill, which you can climb without much effort and reach the highest point of the fortress wall.   

An early 19th-century church stands next to the castle. The complex has also a chapel next to which there is a well-preserved bath-house.

Not far from Amberd, located are the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) and a unique in its construction mirror radio telescope known as the “Herouni Mirror Radio Telescope”.


A wonderful view opened to Amberd fortress from the viewpoint. The stairs do not make it possible to approach directly to the castle.