Armenian Alphabet Monument

Armenian alphabet largely differs from the immediately recognizable Latin or Cyrillic. It was created by a priest, Mesrop Mashtots, in 405 AD. Since then, these letters not only served as means to record information, but have also become a very important cultural symbol for Armenians. This explains the creation of dozens of artworks and monuments dedicated to the alphabet – varying from the tuff letters strategically placed near Mesrop Mashtots’ final resting place in Oshakan Village to a splendid golden folding from the treasury of Etchmiadzin. Nevertheless, the most remarkable monument to the Armenian letters was erected not long ago, in 2005, when the alphabet celebrated its 1600th birthday. Set against the western backdrop of the Armenia’s highest mountain Aragats, located is a stone complex carved from tuff, which includes all 39 letters and statues of Mashtots and his pupils.


You will be able to approach this Monument by car. However, there is no easy access to Letters.